ANTIO emerged as an initiative of a group of Official Translators and Interpreters who, along with the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, decided to create an association which would function as a liason to the Ministry and would aim at upholding the interests of its members. This way, our association was founded at the Constituent Assembly on November 29th, 1995 with the following founding members:

  • Eugenia María Cartín Barrios
  • Rodrigo Esquivel Carazo
  • Flor de María Esquivel Mora
  • Gabriel Serrano Jiménez
  • Frances Ruth Urbina Somoza
  • Elizabeth Steinvorth Koberg
  • Turid Lisbeth Helleseter Halvorsen
  • Nora María Serrano Miranda
  • Carmen María Carazo Coronado
  • Bernal Guillén Contreras
  • Rafael Enrique Cañas Coto
  • Renae Dockhold
  • Carmen Odio González

Furthermore, on November 23rd, 1999, the following honorary members were appointed:

  • Dora Oduber Quirós
  • Francesca Jiménez Cornelli
  • Mario Gutiérrez Chamberlain