Educational Committee

This committee will be in charge of promoting the professional development of the country’s translators and interpreters, as well as facilitating conferences, seminars and trainings. It promotes links to access specialized glossaries and dictionaries in all languages, with this year’s main focus on providing training on translation tools and subtitling, among others.

 It is a cooperating body of the Board of Directors and the Assembly, proposing activities, contacting experts, organizing courses and all continuing and cultural education considered appropriate to the advancement of the association and its members within the current situation.  

Its members must be people with a willingness to serve, and availability to find experts and organize activities, a spirit of cooperation and a teamwork mindset.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is the body which monitors the compliance with the Code of Ethics within the association, follows up on cases and establishes sanctions upon violations to the Code.  All cases submitted to the Ethics Committee will be treated with strict confidentiality. It is important that the Ethics Committee members adhere to the Code of Ethics as well as to a confidentiality policy given the nature of the information to which they will have access. 

Some of the Ethics Committee’s objectives are the following:

-Promoting an ethics culture within its members

-Ensuring that all reports of deviation, incurred violations or non-compliance with current rules and regulations submitted through any internal or external means are received and processed

-Evaluating controversies, conflicts and violations related to the Code of Ethics

The Ethics Committee must be composed of highly honorable members with renowned moral solvency generated by their good standing in regards to ethical conduct and practices in translation and/or interpretation. Each member of the Ethics Committee must have extensive knowledge of the Code of Ethics.

Mentorship Committee  

It proposes policies and guidelines relating to the incorporation of new members on behalf of the Association, seeking their integration to the membership and the continuous improvement of their work, among others.

Its members must have a spirit of cooperation, especially with young translators, and they must work in unison with the education committee regarding trainings.