The New Category of Observer Members

At the Extraordinary General Assembly held on October 19th, 2019, the creation of a new category of Observer Members for all those colleagues who have embarked on an academic degree in translation or a similar one, have very little experience and wish to eventually become official translators and/or interpreters in Costa Rica was decided. This statutory reform intends to give a new spin to the existing membership which is solely composed of official translators and/or interpreters, and to include young translators who require guidance, assistance and professional ties to be able to develop appropriately within the profession, especially considering the current challenges that we are facing. The goal of this reform is to welcome them to a well-established professional guild, with a high standard of intellectual and academic development, and to provide them with work guidelines and training that will allow them to eventually join as official translators and/or interpreters of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of our country.

In this regard, some articles from our Statute were reformed to be able to implement such amendments, knowingly the 6th, 7th and 9th articles, which are summarized as follows:

Sixth Article: Observer Member Categories:

  • They possess knowledge and experience in translation and interpretation, but have yet to obtain the appointment as Official Translators and /or Interpreters.
  • They will participate in General Assemblies with the right to be heard, but without a vote; they cannot be elected in any Board of Director’s position, nor will they be subject to the other duties that the active and founding members possess, although they shall honor ANTIO’s Code of Ethics.
  • They will be able to remain as Observer Members only for a maximum of five years or until the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship opens a new call for official translators and interpreters in their work languages, whichever comes first, during which period they should attempt to enter the call for official translators and interpreters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and later to pass its examinations. They will be able to become active members once their appointment is effective and comes into effect. They will maintain their Observer Member status while the appointment process concludes. In case they do not pass the official call’s mandatory examinations, they will lose their Observer Member status and the rights conferred by it.

Seventh Article: For applicants’ membership, the following rule will be applied:

  • Having a university degree or a comparable institution degree (higher than a technical degree) that proves their ability and knowledge as professional translators or interpreters in their work languages, as a minimum
  • Submitting an affidavit stating their experience as translators and/or interpreters for a minimum of one year (in a template provided by ANTIO)
  • Filling out the application form
  • Paying the first membership fee

Ninth Article: Observer Members will have the following rights:

  • Participating in educational, cultural, recreational and social activities organized by the Association
  • Attending General Assemblies having the right to be heard but without a vote

Attached are the documents needed to successfully complete your application:

Remember to include a copy of your university diploma along with the rest of the documents.

Thank you for choosing to be part of the best professional guild of translators and interpreters of Costa Rica.